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In 2009, the German piano manufacturer Blüthner Pianoforte purchased the Rönisch brand and to manufacture them, set up a new legal entity and a factory next door to the Blüthner Pianoforte factory in Leipzig, Germany. Rönisch was established in Dresden in 1845 by Carl Rönisch. In his day, Rönisch was a pioneer in piano building, and his instruments were sold throughout the world. Rönisch’s son sold the company after World War I, and production was moved to Leipzig after the Dresden factory was bombed in 1945.

Classic Edition – Grand Pianos

During the Communist era, the company was taken over by the state and combined with other piano factories; it became privately owned again in the 1990s. Since purchasing the brand, Blüthner Pianoforte has redesigned the pianos, which are now made in three sizes of Upright Pianos and three sizes of Grand Pianos, in dozens of styles, woods, and finishes.

Classic Edition – Upright Pianos

Musically and in terms of their quality, Rönisch pianos are very similar to Haessler, another Blüthner Pianoforte brand, but the cabinet styles and finishes offered are different. The pianos are entirely made in Germany, with such parts as rims, beams, and cabinets supplied by Blüthner Pianoforte. The pianos also use high-quality parts such as Renner actions, Delignit pinblocks, soundboards of solid European mountain spruce, and Abel hammers. Approximately 600 Upright Pianos and 300 Grand Pianos are made each year.


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