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Grand pianos

A unique relationship preserving tradition withmodern technology. Selected materials, supervised manufacturing and final quality inspection by German master craftsmen guarantee a long-lasting experience of unmatched musical emotion with ourGrand Pianos where quality is the most important thing.


Since 1853, Blüthner pianos have been made exclusively in Leipzig, Germany. To this day, the Blüthner family, artisans and entrepreneurs par excellence, continue to lead the Blüthner firm and personally supervise the production of each of the pianos that bears their name.


Designed and Manufactured by Blüthner. It is something exceptional when a piano manufacturer has the ability to create two totally different voices with  virtuosity. This is what Blüthner has achieved with the creation of his Haessler piano. The high demand for German labor dictated that a more modern and efficient process be developed.

Irmler Professional

IRMLER is a sister company of Blüthner and are distributed through the Blüthner dealer network. The brand has recently been reintroduced to the market in two series: Professional and Studio.

Irmler Studio

The Studio series is largely made in the IRMLER/Blüthner factory in Asia. The pianos are then shipped to the Blüthner factory in Germany, where Abel hammers are installed and the pianos are inspected and adjusted as needed, prior to shipping to dealers.

Wilhelm Steinberg

130 years of tradition in the art of making quality pianos. Making the best pianos is a demanding science, but making quality pianos with maximum performance at an affordable price is an art.


In 2009, the German piano manufacturer Blüthner Pianoforte purchased the Rönisch brand and to manufacture them, set up a new legal entity and a factory next door to the Blüthner Pianoforte factory in Leipzig, Germany. Rönisch was established in Dresden in 1845 by Carl Rönisch. In his day, Rönisch was a pioneer in piano building, and his instruments were sold throughout the world.

Lucid Pianos

Transparent glass sculpture grand pianos design. Refined luxury, futuristic and contemporary elegance is backed by unsurpassed iconic brand Blüthner ́s Pianoforte Golden Tone. www.lucidpianos.com

Translucid Pianos

A hi-tech touch to a timeless classic. Translucid grand piano is a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. Built by premier German piano craftsmen Translucid represents a contemporary approach to what a grand piano is.

R ococo

When we hear the word piano a certain image comes to mind: a glossy ebony grand piano. What our mind is unable to conjure are the possibilities of creative departure from grand piano’s elegant if not predictable form. What you discover with Rococo Pianos will redefine your wildest ideas of what a piano can look like.

Each and every grand piano is handcrafted to your custom specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. More than 3 million variations

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