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Translucid Grand Piano is an exquisite selection of semi-transparent grand pianos from the Haessler and the Translucid brand, built in the Blüthner factory. More information at More information


The TRANSLUCID grand piano is a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. Built by premier German piano craftsmen Translucidrepresents a contemporary approach to what a grand piano is. The elegant combination of industrial grade acrylicand traditional woods result in an understated and light version of a beloved grand pianoform. Translucid offers a great value in the designer pianocategory.

Haessler – Translucid

The great demand for pianos made by German craftsmen dictated that a quality and modern piano be developed. Blüthner’s ability to craft two different voices with virtuosity resulted in the creation of the Haessler grand piano, a tribute to Dr. Rudolf Blüthner-Haessler, one of the great visionaries of the Blüthner Family.

Haessler – Tiara

This unique semi-transparent modern grand piano features a special curved V-shaped leg design that adds stability and a modern square. Made of mixed materials, the wooden edge (the body) can be finished in veneer and / or the color of your choice. The new design element is a strip of precious metal that traces the circumference of the piano’s body, the TIARA. The TIARA can be made of chrome, gold and rose gold.

Haessler Translucid Upright

Innovative, spectacular, refined and at the same time a mystical luxurious TRANSLUCID Upright piano with cast acrylic glass panels. LED effect will enhance and create your exceptional ambience.

Each and every grand piano is handcrafted to your custom specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. More than 3 million variations

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