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IRMLER is a sister company of Blüthner and are distributed through the Blüthner dealer network. The brand has recently been reintroduced to the market in two series: Professional and Studio. Piano Spain Import company only offers Grand Pianos. The Professional series, known as Irmler Europe, is assembled in Germany using strung backs (structural and acoustical elements) from Samick in Indonesia and cabinets from Poland.

Classic Edition – Grand Piano

The Grand pianos have Delignit pinblocks and solid spruce soundboards. Grands have rims of maple and beech, action parts by Renner and duplex scaling.

F 160 E

F 175 E

F 190 E


Each and every grand piano is handcrafted to your custom specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. More than 3 million variations

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