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130 years of tradition in the art of making quality pianos. Making the best pianos is a demanding science, but making quality pianos with maximum performance at an affordable price is an art. www.wilhelmsteinberg.es

Grand Pianos – Performance

This has been and always will be, the hallmark of a Wilhelm Steinberg. Thanks to the knowledge of his klavierbaumeister, Wilhelm Steinberg is now able to offer the best sound, excellent touch and unquestionable quality at a competitive price for his grand pianos.
Wilhelm Steinberg German design Grand Pianos, with selected quality parts, manufactured in modern and state-of-the-art facilities.

Grand Piano – Signature

From design to production, each phase in the Signature series production is being meticulously supervised directly by Wilhelm Steinberg’s factory in Eisenberg, Germany.

The Signature series is available in the S-188, S-212 and S-275 models, all of them with very refined finishes.

A Certificate of Authenticity has been issued to Wilhelm Steinberg by the German Chamber of Commerce, verifying that the Signature series models are entirely manufactured in Germany.

Upright Piano– P121

An Upright piano with a phenomenal touch and a round sound that caresses the ear.

We have included one single Upright Piano model in our selection for considering this model, the P121, an exceptional piano. We recommend the P121 for beginners and advanced students who lack the space for a Grand Piano.


Each and every grand piano is handcrafted to your custom specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. More than 3 million variations

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